All new members pay a $150 one-time initiation fee in addition to the above. Members must check-in their guests by signing them in at the Front Office. Howard said the Kaneohe Yacht Club has argued against a rent increase because theyre breaking even on its boat slip rentals. The Port Captain and Mooring Committee are appointed by the Commodore and are responsible for the wet working on skippering a boat safely and proficiently. When we returned to the Bay, we were again allowed to seek refuge for a week or two at KYC. The Kaneohe Yacht Club (KYC) in Windward Oahu has been operating for nearly a century, and in that time, its members have had the exclusive use of the piers it has built on state submerged land. and students will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. . Bayview YC's Commodore and a member of the club since 1983, . permanent marker. Every person we met there absolutely exemplified the aloha spirit and we were blessed to have been recipients. windy days. minimum age of9 for all classes unless special permission has been given And while most clubs welcome new members, there may be waiting lists for some of the more popular ones. marker so we can identify the owner. Court/Member fees: Yes Court type: Hard Lights: No Amenities: . any questions. Yacht Club Jr Activities Waiver in order for participation (the waiver will be Of course, one of the biggest factors in determining the cost of yacht club membership is going to be the size of your yacht.The larger your vessel, the more it will cost to join a club. Fees: Availability: Lighting: -bad good-> Review: This tennis . Yacht Club Terrace is situated between Kaneohe and Kailua. to use the hiking strap and sail "on the wind" for an upwind leg of the Springtime, weather conditions can be unpredictable. class due to personal reasons please call the front office or text Jesse at Last year my son beat me in our Bullship Race, which is a two-mile racecourse around Coconut island in Kaneohe Bay. 44-503 Kaneohe Bay Drive, Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744. Manage Settings During our last visit to KYC, Oahu had raised the COVID level to Tier 3 and as a result KYC was beginning to come alive! Its not going to be another 40 years. It all depends on your individual circumstances. The Gazebo area near the pool offers members an opportunity to reserve tables to host small, casual gatherings. Change). Much easier than trying to transport our sails via dinghy! Youth and Adult Sailing and Regattas. $400 one time: $80.00 - Bond payment plan. are extended to 16 weeks as opposed to the 10 week Fall session. at all times for safety reasons. None the less, those who were around the club would stop by for a chat, inquire about our plans and share stories about KYC and how much fun it is in normal times. 46-220 Yacht Club St, Kaneohe, HI, 96744 is a single family home located in the Alii Shores neighborhood of the Kaneohe region in the city of Kaneohe in zipcode 96744. Don't leave the kids at home ? A Coast Guard approved Type III life Bob; Solar in Kau; Help For Coffee Growers, Board Talk: Ewa Feedlot Update, Aquarium Dealer Permit. refundable up to 7 days prior to the first day of the session with a $50 How awesome is that? fountain by the pool. recovery, learn basic right of way rules. Annual Dues. Cancellations received after this period are Our two week visit was during high COVID time and the KYC was mostly closed due to state restrictions. If you live in an area with a high concentration of boats and boaters, chances are good that local clubs will charge more for membership than those located in less popular areas. You are able to sail boats in over 15knots of wind and feel comfortable. June 2019. Membership in the San Diego Yacht Club is by invitation only, and there is a waiting list for those who wish to join.The initiation fee for new members is $10,000, and annual dues are $3,600. . The terms "Resident KYC member" or "Resident Member" shall mean all persons having Kaneohe Yacht Club membership status, other than Non-Resident membership status, whose primary residence is on the Island of Oahu. Kean's is more affordable than a yacht club it costs just $3,500 to put a 30-foot boat in the water and store it in the winter and as a result, it's more laid-back and diverse. 44-503 Kaneohe Bay Drive, Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744. Deep Cove Yacht Club :: 4420 Gallant Avenue North Vancouver, B.C. sailing program for safety reasons. In addition to regularly scheduled classes, the program offers looking forward to watching and sharing many lifelong skills with Bayview Yacht Club in Detroit, . It is a one-time offering for the summer season, which runs from April 15th to August 15th. Seeking new experiences, a simpler life and sharing the views. Please bring a change of Because the adjacent fast land is owned by the club, the only parties that can use this are only the yacht club and perhaps their neighbors, he continued. Fast forward a month or so. Your email address will not be published. Member Login Mission Statement Established in 1924, the Kaneohe Yacht Club is dedicated to inspiring and promoting appreciation of Sailing, Power-Boating and other Maritime Sports through competitive, recreational and social activities. Please register each child separately. Membership dues are $250 per year for an individual or $325 per year for a family. A junior class membership has no monthly dues or spend minimums. Please feel free to email me . theSpringso students can take advantage of a better instructor to must be signed and submitted Members may also rent out various spaces on the club to host events in the Gazebo, Upper Deck, or Longhouse. You are starting to do qualifying regattas and travelling All member owned boats brought onto property must be registered with the Front Office and issued a KYC Sticker. Yacht Club Terrace unit 2, Country Club condo Condo sold 4 beds 2 baths 1,555 sqft Neighborhood: Country Club Sold 05/17/2021 $840,000 $758,000 2 min walk to Keaalau Neighborhood Park 6 min drive to Kailua Beach 7 min drive to Kailua Beach 11 min drive to Castles Lifestyle locations are approximate to property Coupons Privileges include full use of Club facilities and dry mooring. emailed to you once payment is received). Kaneohe Yacht Club FOR RECIPROCAL MEMBERS A call to the Port Captain is required before arriving by vessel. boats. registered and paid for individually. Contact the Front Office for more details. relatively new to sailing. in the HYSA events and other local races. emailed to you once payment is received). This is a temporary thing. Contact the board, Wind forecast for Kaneohe Bay Air Station. off the water. Service Member classification is designed for active duty personal in the Armed Forces and is limited to four years of membership. Of course there were still restrictions and limitations, but wow, it was so fun to see the members enjoying their club again! capsizing on your own even with the spinnaker up. SHARE VIA EMAIL. Do your research. Howard pointed out that the yacht club does pay for the dredging of its own basin. Although we cannot join KYC, this boats you have a steady partner. upwind and adjust to the various wind conditions. Each guest is allowed a maximum of six times per quarter. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a6ea34650b523bf48267ea4663f9e213" );document.getElementById("f9aff9f365").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Your email address will not be published. are sufficient at sailing around a course in tradewinds as a skipper and a Each child needs to provide their own lifejacket. include your member number for the child or grandchild (found on gate card). May have taken a sailing class before but is still Windward Boats -Local Hobie dealer for boats and parts, Have a picture, video, link you think should be on the website? 11. Memberships Partially liquidated No full-time employees General information Address PO Box 4307 Kaneohe, HI 96744 Metro area Urban Honolulu, HI County Honolulu County, HI Phone (808) 488-7359 IRS details EIN 99-0175549 Fiscal year end May Taxreturn type Form 990-EZ Year formed 1978 No Categorization Free account sign-up Create free Cause IQ account SHARE ON FACEBOOK. Access card, $40 one-time fee for 2 cards. KYC Members automatically get 15% OFF when you log into Clubspot with your KYC In January, Frank and I left Kaneohe Bay and sailed to Maui to seek out the annual humpback whale migration. (LogOut/ This can significantly increase your chances of being accepted, as having a current member vouch for you carries a lot of weight with most clubs. Kaneohe Yacht Club 44-503 Kaneohe Bay Drive Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744-2525 Telephone: (808) 247-4121 . Our Club History & Location Board of Directors . You can tack and jibe without much There is currently a waiting list for all slips at KYC. Established in 1924, the Kaneohe Yacht Club is dedicated to inspiring and promoting appreciation of Sailing, Power-Boating and other Maritime Sports through competitive, recreational and social activities. at all times for safety reasons. There is sometimes broken glass by the To register for sailing, each child must be a If we were living on Oahu, we would definitely apply to join Kaneohe Yacht Club. Howard replied that whether the land is secured under a long-term lease or an easement, an independent appraisal will be done and rent is going to go up no matter what. Theyre trying to figure out where they want to go, an easement or an auction lease. If youre considering joining a yacht club, its important to weigh the pros and cons to decide if its the right decision for you. to steer the boat using their weight and sail trim, tacking and jibing Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. Feel free to contact any of the club officers if you have questions. Please inform the KYC office when you are planning to arrive at the said yacht club, how long you will be there and who you will be going with. However, by taking into account things like boat size, location, and desired amenities, you should be able to get a pretty good idea as to what kind of price range youre looking at. We also had many interactions with the KYC staff and every single person was a pleasure to work with! When mooring your vessel at KYC, registration must be filed at the office and approval must be granted by the Port Captain, a daily mooring fee is required. crew, rigging and derigging, safely and properly tacking and jibing, docking, On the plus side, being a member of a yacht club gives you access to exclusive amenities like docking privileges, clubhouse facilities, and networking opportunities with other boating enthusiasts. In our open-air Longhouse, members indulge in our Wednesday and Thursday night dinners and Sunday brunches. Membership Reciprocity & Guests Amenities IRF Summer Circuit . Land Board member Jimmy Gomes suggested that it would be appropriate for the yacht club to do an environmental assessment, given the length of time its had control of the land. Kaneohe Yacht Club Tennis courts in Kaneohe Hawaii 96744. Directors - Ron Thomson, Al Anderson, Bill Hannah. skills taught will be to pass a swim test, right a capsized boat, tie a variety document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Kaneohe Yacht Club ~ The Embodiment of the Aloha Spirit. If you would like to hear from us more often, please see our Facebook page or Instagram. Storing members have all the privileges of launching as well. Youll also have the opportunity to participate in club activities such as races and cruises. <link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.2e708b25324c8f87.css"> In an atmosphere of camaraderie and (Bundled with storage fee). The fact that theyre not making money is not really a consideration, he said. Photo Credit: Stacey Williams Photography, class due to extreme conditions such as thunder or a large storm. We maintain a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and contribute to improving boating sports, recreation and education in Hawaii. . Members of the Larchmont Yacht Club would be charged $150 every season, plus a storage fee. I do not think the KYC Board, members or staff have any idea how truly grateful we are for the time we had at their amazing club! Please mark you water bottles and clothing with a waterproof If youre looking for something luxurious like concierge service or valet parking, expect to pay top-dollar for membership. Friends & Family Plan: NON-REFUNDABLE. class due to personal reasons please call the front office or text Jesse at windy days. hand signals on the water, name points of sail and rigging and derigging Opening ceremonies of "Kaneohe Yacht Club," at the present site were held on December 17, 1955. Sailing during sunset gives you the most gorgeous visuals w/ the Ko'olau mountains in the backdrop. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. We offer activities and events for everyone's tastes, including: Cruises for Boating. Cancellation/Refund Designed to give companies all the exclusive benefits previously reserved for individual members. Yacht clubs also typically offer educational programs and social events throughout the year.On the downside, membership can be expensive annual dues can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars depending on the size and location of the club. Parking on club property is reserved for members only. Intermediate membership is available to persons 21 to 27 years of age. When considering the cost of yacht club membership, its important to weigh all of these factors to find the club that best fits your needs and budget. Whether you are arriving by vessel or vehicle during normal working hours, you should check-in at the Club office and present your yacht club membership card. Latest reviews, photos and ratings for Kaneohe Yacht Club at 44-503 Kaneohe Bay Dr in Kaneohe - view the menu, hours, phone number, address and map. 808-381-5989 prior to class. Rent would be the same as it was last year: $1,000 a month or 10 percent of gross receipts, whichever is greater. E-mail: . the local races such as the KYC Friday night fun races and are starting to sail . B. Jesse and his crew teach dinghy sailing in a variety of boats like Optis and BICs. A social/fitness membership is $750, while the top-level family golf membership is. These sailors will be How incredible is that?! youngsters will love the family-friendly activities at this club just as much as mom and dad.Easy parking is accessible for Kaneohe Yacht Club's customers. 4. We loved watching the small dinghies tack in and out of the fairway and we were amazed watching the WASZPs zip down the lane usually up on foils and moving silently through the water. In fact, we tried to join as out of town members, but that isnt allowed unless one has already been a club member for two years. Once in your community you may want to become an active member and join in on board meetings, etc. A PARENT or The waters seep through varying shades of green and blue out to the crested breakers on the reef. Some of the most well-known and respected yacht clubs include the Royal Yacht Squadron in the United Kingdom, the New York Yacht Club in the United States, and the Socit Nautique de Genve in Switzerland. Some 1. Website. Fast forward to December 2020. Once you move into your community you may want to become an active board member and . 44-503 Kaneohe Bay Drive, Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744. Contact Us MEMBERS Information on this website is password protected for Members Only. The Department of Land and Natural Resources is still trying to figure out what to do with the revocable permit that the Kaneohe Yacht Club in Windawrd Oahu has held since 1977. Many members travel to Florida or California for the winter months, returning in May or June when the season here really starts hopping. There will be one make-up day on May 27th if we have to cancel a 44-160 Hako Street 4, Kaneohe, HI 96744 Townhouse sold 3 beds 2 baths 2,139 sqft Neighborhood: Country Club Sold 12/07/2022 $875,000 $889,000 2 min walk to Keaalau Neighborhood Park 6 min drive to Kailua Beach 3 min drive to Bay View Golf Course 7 min drive to Kailua Beach 7 min drive to Castles Lifestyle locations are approximate to property We have 3. class due to extreme conditions such as thunder or a large storm. Yacht Club Terrace HOA Kaneohe, HI . clothes, sunscreen or pre screened before class, covered shoes are recommended To be added to the waitlist, please fill out an application and turn it into the Front Office. Membership Initiation: $22,500 + tax one-time fee. IRS Filing . and membership in a national organization. Located on the beautiful Windward side of Oahu, Kaneohe Yacht Club is dedicated to inspiring and promoting appreciation of. We host both world class championships and many other small and big boat regattas for competitors of all ages. Be able The sense of relief at being on a safe dock, the knowledge that we didnt have to move for a few weeks and the immediate welcome back from the members and staff nearly brought me to tears! Slippers There's also a plan which gives you access to the fleet only on weekdays, at a lower monthly fee. If you would like reciprocal rights at certain yacht clubs, the Front Office can draft up a letter of introduction/reciprocity for you. Once you find the right club for you, get ready to enjoy all that it has to offer! He reported that his division was still working with the yacht club on how to do a long-term disposition. and learn how to get out of irons. 44-503 Kaneohe Bay Drive, Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744. If you are going to miss a . There isnt really a cruising community in Hawaii and I dare say the KYC members and staff became our cruising family. refundable up to 7 days prior to the first day of the session with a $50 tend to float away! This time the club was a bit more open and we were able to get a better sense of what KYC is like when completely operational. Get involved with boating activities.Many yacht clubs host boating events and activities throughout the year, so attending these can be a great way to meet people in the club and get your foot in the door. Storing members have all the privileges of launching as well. The Kaneohe Yacht Club was first established on October 28, 1924 by its original name "Kaneohe Yacht & Boating Club." This single family home has 3 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms with an interior area of 1410 sqft, on a 9266 sqft lot. Kaneohe's Kaneohe Yacht Club is the great place to spend a Saturday, or any day for that matter. Some members offered us the use of their cars for errands, others invited us out to dinner, we were invited into peoples homes, I was welcomed on the tennis court, we cheered on sailors sailing in the Beer Can Races, folks strolled down the dock to say hello, and as boats entered and left the dock, we called hello to folks by name and they knew our names in return. Assuming you would like tips on how to join a yacht club, here are a few suggestions: Cancellations received after this period are So why wait? This membership level is typical for those on a storage wait list, or for cases of a sailing partnership where one member is a storing member and the other a basic. However, since our first introduction to the Kaneohe Yacht Club in June of 2020, this gem of a yacht club, its members and staff have been a haven of welcome and safety for us. wetsuit or lightweight jacket available for the cooler, rainy and more The Club has a full-sized pool for adults and a kiddie pool for the little ones to enjoy.

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